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Yu L, Moriguchi T, Souma T, Takai J, Satoh H, Morito N, Engel JDouglas, Yamamoto M.  2014.  GATA2 regulates body water homeostasis through maintaining aquaporin 2 expression in renal collecting ducts.. Mol Cell Biol. 34(11):1929-41.
Udager AM, Prakash A, Saenz DA, Schinke M, Moriguchi T, Jay PY, Lim K-C, Engel JDouglas, Gumucio DL.  2014.  Proper development of the outer longitudinal smooth muscle of the mouse pylorus requires Nkx2-5 and Gata3.. Gastroenterology. 146(1):157-165.e10.