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Zhang H, Nair V, Saha J, Atkins KB, Hodgin JB, Saunders TL, Myers MG, Werner T, Kretzler M, Brosius FC.  2017.  Podocyte-specific JAK2 overexpression worsens diabetic kidney disease in mice.. Kidney Int. 92(4):909-921.
Atkins KB, Seki Y, Saha J, Eichinger F, Charron MJ, Brosius FC.  2015.  Maintenance of GLUT4 expression in smooth muscle prevents hypertension-induced changes in vascular reactivity.. Physiol Rep. 3(2)
Sas KM, Nair V, Byun J, Kayampilly P, Zhang H, Saha J, Brosius FC, Kretzler M, Pennathur S.  2015.  Targeted Lipidomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies Dysregulated Renal Ceramide Metabolism in a Mouse Model of Diabetic Kidney Disease.. J Proteomics Bioinform. Suppl 14
Blattner SM, Hodgin JB, Nishio M, Wylie SA, Saha J, Soofi AA, Vining C, Randolph A, Herbach N, Wanke R et al..  2013.  Divergent functions of the Rho GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42 in podocyte injury.. Kidney Int. 84(5):920-30.