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Muller YL, Piaggi P, Hanson RL, Kobes S, Bhutta S, Abdussamad M, Leak-Johnson T, Kretzler M, Huang K, E Weil J et al..  2015.  A cis-eQTL in PFKFB2 is associated with diabetic nephropathy, adiposity and insulin secretion in American Indians.. Hum Mol Genet. 24(10):2985-96.
Iyengar SK, Sedor JR, Freedman BI, Kao WHLinda, Kretzler M, Keller BJ, Abboud HE, Adler SG, Best LG, Bowden DW et al..  2015.  Genome-Wide Association and Trans-ethnic Meta-Analysis for Advanced Diabetic Kidney Disease: Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes (FIND).. PLoS Genet. 11(8):e1005352.