Pilot/Feasibility Study Grant Program

The Michigan George M. O'Brien Kidney Translational Core Center (MKTCC) invites investigators to submit proposals to fund new and innovative approaches – clinical, translational and basic – in the field of kidney disease research through its pilot and feasibility grant program. 

MKTCC Pilot and Feasibility Grant Program 

Pilot and feasibility applications are requested, with a goal of utilizing facilities available through the MKTCC. The MKTCC Pilot and Feasibility Grant Program provides funds to promote research initiatives by new and established investigators in the area of kidney disease. The goal of the program is to enable kidney researchers to generate preliminary data sufficient for successful application for major research funding from national funding agencies. Particularly encouraged are applications from junior investigators and investigators external to the renal community who have training and expertise that can be applied to the study of kidney disease. 

Funds Available: Up to $40,000 per year (direct + indirect). Investigators can seek a competitive renewal for a second year of funding. 

Number of Potential Awardees: 3

Eligibility Requirements: Eligible investigators include: 

    • New investigators without current or past NIH support as a principal investigator, and whose current or previous support from other sources has been modest;
    • Established investigators with limited previous kidney research experience who wish to apply their expertise to a problem in this area; and
    • Established renal investigators who propose testing innovative ideas that represent a clear departure from their ongoing research directions. It is anticipated that the majority of the recipients of grant funding will be from the first category.

  Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Status as a junior investigator or new investigator in the field of kidney disease;
  • Planned utilization of MKTCC scientific cores and services;
  • Use of new and innovative approaches;
  • Strength of the proposed science;
  • Feasibility of the methods and timeline;
  • Potential impact in the area of kidney disease research;
  • And the extent to which the award enables aims that would not otherwise be accomplished.


Applications are due by Monday, January 14, 2019

 Interested individuals should submit the following documents: 

  • Detailed Budget (NIH 398 Form Page 4)
  • Entire Budget (NIH 398 Form Page 5)
  • Budget Justification
  • Biographical Sketch (NIH 398 Format)
  • 4 Page Research Plan
      • Significance and Innovation (0.5 page suggested)
      • Background and Preliminary Work (0.5 pages suggested)
      • Approach, Potential Pitfalls, & Alternative Strategies (1-2 pages suggested)
      • Feasibility (0.5 pages suggested)
      • Anticipated Results (0.5 pages suggested) 

Proposals should propose a testable hypothesis and clear research plan following NIH R01 format. P/FS proposals are anticipated to have limited preliminary data and are reviewed based on the clear development of hypothesis and research approach. Complete research plans must be limited to 4 pages. 

Complete applications are submitted through the Competition Space Website, which is located here: https://umms.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1779962
Please apply under the George O'Brien Kidney Center Pilot Grant. 

The MKTCC Pilot Grants are externally reviewed and then prioritized by the internal MKTCC Pilot and Feasibility Committee. 

 If you have questions, please contact Kelli Sas by email at sask@med.umich.edu or phone at 734-232-6834.