Bioinformatics Core

Increasingly large and complex data sets require sophisticated computational and statistical support for analyses, and skilled professional support in bioinformatics and biostatistics to fully empower the research. The Bioinformatics Core is aligned to the overall goals of the UM O’Brien Kidney Translational Core Center and will provide analytical and computational support to continue working on highly integrated and successful translational research support and to expand local, regional and international research bases through improved integration of data from deep phenotyping and broad molecular profiling experiments. 

This core will provide guidance and assistance to Center researchers at all stages of research, from experimental design to data generation and analysis of molecular profiling data. Another marker of success will be the imperceptible boundaries between the Center’s Cores. The Bioinformatics Core will be tightly connected with the DNA sequencing core and the Applied System’s Biology Core for smooth coordination of data transfer and analysis and to provide deeper analysis of the project data, and to combine the different molecular profiling analyses. 

For more information on the Bioinformatics core please visit their website